Fantasy Preview: #32 Indianapolis Colts

Fantasy Preview:
#32 Indianapolis Colts


(Our team rankings are based on a companywide vote)

Until we make our way to down the list, finding 5 Fantasy relevant players on some of these teams is going to be a TOUGH.

Which brings us to the worst of the worst, the Indianapolis Colts. Can you even name five skill players on this team including Andrew Luck?  Not without google. I mean, it’s damn near impossible to write anything about this team without mentioning Andrew Lucks name.  Now, I will say that they had a fairly decent draft. Did they get better? Yes. Will it matter this season? No.


1)  TY Hilton – WR

The drop off from a season with Luck and without Luck was HUGE. From 1,448 yards to under 1000 yards…yikes. Even without Luck last season, he still posted some big games but was far from the consistent fantasy player from years prior. With Luck healthy, TY is right back into the top 5 WR discussion.

Fantasy Prediction: WR1

2) Marlon Mack – RB

Bye, bye, Frank Gore! Welcome to Mack Country! He was on EVERYONE’S sleeper radar last year and he just didn’t get the chance to be the guy. The Colts did bring in Nyheim Hines and Jordan Wilkins but this is (at least to start) Mack’s backfield. He can catch too so for you PPR guys, he will be worth taking a look at.

Fantasy Prediction: Mid-Round Pick; RB2/RB3

3)  Andrew Luck – QB

Might be a bit of surprise to you all to see luck at number 3 but plain and simple, injury is a major concern. He missed the entire 2017 season with a shoulder injury and 26 total games over the past two seasons. Assuming he is good to go, his weapons are one of the worst in the league. TY Hilton….and garbage.  At the same time, he has never really had a solid supporting cast so this could be a moot point.  Whoever snags Luck, cross your fingers for health and it should turn out OK for you.

Fantasy Prediction: Mid-Round Pick; Potential Steal  

4)  Jack Doyle – TE

The seventh best tight end last season. Not bad. You would think that getting Luck back would help your cause but I just don’t see it happening for Doyle this year.  Hell, if somehow Eric Ebron learned quit dropping passes in the offseason, I wouldn’t be surprised if he put up better or equal numbers as Doyle. Ebron is a better overall athlete and Luck likes to fling it around the field whereas Jacoby Brissett found love in dumping it off to Doyle for an average of 5.2 yards per catch last season.  Gross.

Fantasy Prediction: Low-End TE1

5)  Ryan Grant – WR

Yep. This is where we are. Ryan Grant – fifth most relevant fantasy player on the Colts. This guy had 500 yards and 4 Touchdowns last season on a team that couldn’t run the ball if they tried. He is set to be the #2 guy behind TY Hilton. He is undersized like TY but he is no TY.  Again, a lot of this speculation is assuming QB1 is healthy this year. Regardless, nothing exciting to see here.

Fantasy Prediction: Late Round Sleeper


Honorable Mention:

Adam Vinatieri – K


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