Thoughts and Predictions on the 2018 NFL Rookie Class

Thoughts and Predictions on the 2018 NFL Rookie Class

Quarterback Heavy First Round

Obviously, everyone is questioning taking Baker number one overall when it was likely they could of snagged Saquon at No. 1 and Baker at No. 4 and still got the QB they wanted but who are we to judge the Browns draft selections…

Will Baker even start? Don’t forget the Browns traded for veteran quarterback, Tyrod Taylor. Baker should at least start the season backing up Tyrod.

Sam Darnold at No. 3 was definitely the safest pick of the first round and Jets fans have to be THRILLED to land him. Minus the Jets luck, this kid should be the Franchise QB they have been looking for. Like Baker though, Darnold will likely sit behind Josh McCown to start the season.

The Rosen One. Josh Rosen was the most NFL-ready quarterback in the draft this year. Rosen goes to the Cardinals to back up one of the most fragile starters in the NFL, Sam Bradford. Rosen will likely get a chance to show his talents this year when (inevitably) Bradford goes down.  That usually works out for backups (i.e. Case Keenum)

Prediction: Josh Rosen has the best career of the 2018 Rookie Class.


Bradley Chubb and Von Miller Will Terrorize Opposing QB’s

Fun fact: Von Miller has had his best success when paired with another top rusher.  He was opposite Elvis Dumervil early in his career to DeMarcus Ware as of late.  So, what does Mr. Elway do? Grabs the best defensive end/outside linebacker in the draft.

Chubb is set to join Von Miller, Shane Ray, Derek Wolfe, Chris Harris, Bradley Roby and Brandon Marshall on the defensive side of the ball.  

If Denver can figure out its running game (Royce Freeman addition will help) and if Case Keenum turns out to be the guy there, they will definitely be in the race to win the AFC West.

Prediction: Bradley Chubb wins DROY with ease.

New York Giants Win The Draft

When your first two picks of the draft are no-brainer, immediate starters, you will be at the very least considered as ‘winning’ draft weekend.

Saquon Barkley was the best player in the draft and in year 14, Eli gets himself a STUD in the backfield.  First one since Tiki Barber; Brandon Jacobs was decent. (No @’s)

To pair with the Saquon pick, in round 2 they seleted Will Hernandez. He easily had first round talent and will step right in and start week 1, like Saquon.   Lorenzo Carter, the 3rd Round Pick from Georgia, should also get some decent playing time this season.

The Giants did everything they needed to do.  They should be back to being competitive this season, although, adding another WR would help as well… cough, cough, Dez Bryant.

Prediction: Still no playoffs for the Giants this season. That division is going to be tough to get out of if you aren’t the Eagles.


Non-First Round Selections That Can Be Fantasy Relevant

James Washington, WR, Pittsburgh Steelers

This man has first round talent.  He was the best receiver in college football for the last two seasons.  He can be your one on one deep ball guy or a possession receiver.  The Steelers love throwing the ball even with Leveon Bell in the backfield. After trading Bryant to Oakland, Washington will be your third string guy behind Antonio Brown and JuJu.

Prediction: Look for Washington to be this season’s JuJu.

Michael Gallup, WR, Dallas Cowboys

The only reason he is up here is because how BAD the Cowboys receiving core is.  Allen Hurns is your number one, Terrance Williams just fled the scene of a crime and then you have Tavon Austin and Cole Beasley as slot players.  Gallup is going to get the chance to play and will likely get plenty of targets this season.

Prediction: He will be WR1 for the Dallas Cowboys by end of season.

Ronald Jones, RB, Tampa Bay Bucs

Jones has a VERY GOOD chance to start the season as the Bucs #1 Running Back.  With Doug Martin gone, the only other RBs that stand in the way are Jacquizz Rodgers and Charles Sims.

Prediction: Will be week one starter and will be a must start RB each week.

Honorable Mention:

Courtland Sutton, Derrius Guice,  Christian Kirk, Hayden Hurst





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