The Perfect Venues For Live Fantasy Football Drafts


Most likely your fantasy football draft will be held online with you alone in your apartment watching your computer screen in the dark as you await your next pick while at the same time trying to make fun of someone’s draft pick in the draft chat room…

But not all drafts have to be that way.

Insert Destination Draft.

If you're lucky enough where everyone (or almost everyone) in your league can meet up for one day or weekend, then you really should consider a live fantasy draft.

Our first draft was done in a high school football locker room following practice. Unfortunately, we quickly turned to online drafts when we all left for different colleges.

But, for the last few years, we have made it a tradition and a priority to make the draft an annual event. This is something that will last a lifetime, no question. For some of us, this is the one-time a year that we get to see each other.

As the years have passed, this event has evolved into more than just a draft but an entire weekend of debauchery.  

In our expert opinion, here are best venues for a Live Fantasy Football Draft.

Conference Room

Los Angeles Angels (MLB), Destination Draft, 2017

Simple. The perfect draft room. Seats, room for papers, computers, etc. Big draft board sits at the front of the room.  Options for buffet style food and open bar. (Open bar not pictured to the right)

This is a perfect draft location for all drafts but especially ones that are on the more serious side.

You will understand what I mean when I say serious when you scroll down and see people drafting at nightclubs…

Mike Trout and the LA Angels used this location with Destination Draft last September in Seattle.

Golf Course/Country Club

Cowboys Golf Club, Dallas, Texas.

You can’t go wrong drafting at a country club after a round of golf. You just can’t.

Imagine waking up in San Diego, playing Torrey Pines with your league, followed by drafting your fantasy team in the clubhouse, drinking club specials and watching golfers finish on 18.  That is a good life; maybe the best life.

Hmm.  Sit at home on my computer and draft my team for the 8th year in a row or head out to Dallas Cowboys Golf Course with my fantasy league for some golf, beer, food, wagering and drafting? No brainer, we know.

Most courses that Destination Draft has ties to, will give you the option to draft wherever you prefer; private room, bar area, or outside on the balcony. You name it.

With Destination Draft, you build your perfect draft weekend and let us make it come to life.

Pool Cabana/Day Club

If you haven’t had the chance to spend a day at Encore Beach Club (or any pool) in Vegas, you need to change that ASAP. Let just see if this checks all the boxes for a fantasy football draft.

Private Room (Cabana)? Check.

Booze & Food? Check.

Waitresses? Check. (At Encore, this is the best part; trust me)

Pool? Check.

Live DJ? Check.

Seriously. It has everything and more.

You couldn’t dream of a draft like this before, could you? Nope.

Now, everyone tell Destination Draft, thank you.


This one is for the ragers. 9 times out of 10 – you and your group are going to end up in the club anyway. Especially if you choose to do your draft in Vegas, Miami or Scottsdale. It would be rude not to.

Get you a big, private booth, maybe next to the Steve Aoki, and take your time. Draft until the sun comes up.  Why not?

There will be plenty of distractions here, but nonetheless, still beats drafting online in your stepdads basement eating a bag of Cheetos and chatting your buddies in a chat room.  Don’t do this. Please.


Sports Bar

Probably the easiest and cheapest route to go. Highly unlikely that a sports bar would charge anything to reserve space for a draft.  We can confirm that no sports bars we work with do.

This route still get you where you need to be.  Off the couch, out with your friends, making memories.

Sports bars are also very accommodating for larger parties but are not always prepared for fantasy football drafts. This is why you will need to either bring your own draft kit or let us handle everything for you. Last thing you want to happen is to show up and have a bad set up. We can help.

NFL Stadiums

Awesome experience. Simply put.  Let us put you in a suite one night at your favorite NFL team’s stadiums. The picture above is a league out of Fort Lauderdale, FL we had draft at the Miami Dolphins stadium last season!

It's going to cost some money, more than drafting at a sports bar but it'll be worth it to say you hosted your fake-football draft party where actual football players play. Some stadiums will add on locker room tours and such as well.

Not every stadium allows for this but using Destination Draft, we’ll make it happen.


Just remember.

Make it a tradition.

Draft Differently.

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