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Who doesn’t love fantasy football season? It’s a time when ordinary football fans can test their skills as a fantasy owner. It’s a time for brotherhood. Most importantly, it’s a time for friendly competition: smash your competitors and become a champion. 

Most of you out there can relate to the excitement induced by the nearing of draft season – it’s like Christmas morning. Our story though, and our Christmas morning, lead to the creation of Destination Draft and goes a little something like this:

Years ago, a fantasy football league was created by twelve individuals in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Since its creation roughly 15 years ago, our league has evolved and so has its members. While we were once nestled together in the comfort of Tulsa, today, many of us find ourselves all over the country having taken advantages of prospects outside of our home town. 

One might think that relocation to cities like Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Tampa and Miami might have put a damper on the ability of our league to maintain its greatness. Distance was a key driving factor for us to create something far greater. 

Hundreds of miles of separation between people can pose challenges to any relationship, however, our group consistently sought opportunity to reunite. We would bet on, and at times, encourage proposals – the perfect excuse to leverage a bachelor party and a “guy’s weekend”. 

2012 though, marks a strange year. What I mean by this is that no one was getting married. No proposals were made. No default bachelor party guy’s weekend to be had. Because of the year 2012, a year obviously lacking in the sentiment of love and marriage, the fantasy group commissioner had to act. After hours of deliberation, he decided that, in order to keep the friendship fire strong and vibrant (and not force anyone into early engagements), the group should meet for an annual live fantasy draft at an agreed upon destination in the country. 

Since the decision to establish a yearly Draft Event, we have maintained a Fantasy Football Group Text of sorts. Each year in early spring, the group text awakens from the shadowy grave that is the end of year’s prior season. It is at this crucial time when the planning begins. After trials, tribulations, and many texts, we developed a process that worked for us. Through a very democratic process, the draft location is voted upon and decided and the TLAC is elected. I know I know – you might be thinking to yourself, “what is a TLAC?”. Simply put, a TLAC is the Travel, Logistics and Accounting Coordinator – a highly coveted position in our league. The position was created to minimize those in the league that are less inclined to promptly book flights, hotels, and turn in their draft money. What we found from our process was that we could minimize the chaos of syncing travel logistics thus leaving ourselves with an abundance of time to rev up for the guy’s weekend. 

Not only are we die-hard fanatics about fantasy sports and the associated travel, but we are also fantasy philanthropists. Combining our lessons learned, processes that work, and our love of the draft, we envisioned the perfect opportunity to give back to the fantasy community. From this vision, we created the Destination Draft – a one stop shop for all your fantasy draft needs. Share our vision and transform your draft into a Destination Draft.



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  • Great Story! I know that with my Fantasy Football group… we are different in numerous ways but have remained close friends. It is just amazing how sports / fantasy football brings us all together! Looking forward to the upcoming NFL season and for Destination Draft to assist me in getting my band back together yet again!

    Marc Saulino

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