The Case Against Signing Colin Kaepernick

The Case Against Signing Colin Kaepernick



Ah, the age old (may not be that old, but definitely exhausting) argument against Colin Kaepernick playing in the NFL, again.

Here are a few obvious reasons why:

Has not played Football since 2016

He hasn’t played in a competitive football game in two seasons. He hasn’t even practiced in a professional setting.  Hard to think Kaep would be game ready. You are competing for an NFC East title and you want to bring in a guy who hasn’t put on pads in two years? Bad idea. If you sign Kaep, you have to change your entire offense…in week 14. You need someone with similar skillsets to come in, learn the playbook and play right away. Mark Sanchez has plenty of experience in pro-style offenses.

He Isn’t Good

In his last 19 starts before leaving the NFL, he went 3-16 and threw for 22 totals touchdowns. Disgusting. Let’s also note that in one of his final games, he threw 4 first half INT’s to the ferocious, Miami Dolphins and ended the game with a whopping 16.7 QBR rating.  

Simply put, if you don’t win in the NFL, you don’t play. Unless you’re name is Tim Tebow, then you get cut for winning a playoff game.

2016 Season: he played in 11 games scoring 16, 17, 23, 20, 17, 24, 6, 17, 13, 22, and 23. Do we think he magically got better by not playing for two seasons? These scores do not win games in today’s game.

Did we forget he would be joining a team with receiver options led by Jordan Reed and Josh Doctson. Yikes.

Also, fun fact about that season, Blaine Gabbert won one game, putting up 28 points, the most from any 49er QB that season.

HUGE Distraction

The old saying ‘Perception is Reality’ has it’s play here.  A large majority of people find the protest disrespectful whether it is meant to be or not. The players, instead of recognizing that perception and changing their strategy to create empathy among viewers persisted on and created a gap. Furthermore, no one has an end game here.  They created awareness with kneeling, but what is not the requested action from all the players to the NFL and/or fans to help these ‘social injustices’? No one really has that answer.

From a Redskins organization standpoint, you already have Josh Norman in your locker room. If you remember correctly, Josh Norman spoke out against Kaepernick for distancing himself from the NFL Player’s Coalition. That would likely create some tension in your locker room.

Regardless how someone feels about his activism, it will create a circus for any team that signs him. Media outlets will swarm the Washington locker room if he were to sign there.

And for god sake, he is currently in the middle of a lawsuit against the NFL…the same company that he apparently wants to work for.

I don’t think this needs to be said but you would also piss off a large, if not, majority, of your fan base. It would not be worth the headache.


The fact of the matter is this. Signing Colin Kaepernick does not guarantee you wins. He could step on the field and like Nathan Peterman. What signing him does guarantee? Headache, expensive backup quarterback, losing the fan base, among many more. He’s an expensive science project with zero guarantees to win games, so the answer is easy for most owners/GMs – no thanks.

His best seasons in San Fran, he had a HOF Running Back, the best O-Line in the NFL and one of the best Defenses the NFL has ever seen.  He’s shown how good he is once the talent surrounding him leaves. You can make the argument that he isn’t and never was an NFL caliber quarterback. We are shadowed by his success in a couple seasons with SF but are quick to forget that team was loaded from top to bottom. These successful seasons he had were also 6 & 7 YEARS ago. If teams truly thought he could play in the NFL, he would have a job. Plain and simple.


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