Reasons To Use Destination Draft For Your Live Fantasy Draft

Reasons to use Destination Draft for your Live Fantasy Draft

1. Leave The Booking & Planning To Us!

Continue your normal day-to-day without the stress and time it takes to plan a draft or even an entire draft weekend. Arrive to your draft room with everything set up, ready for the big draft. Receive an itinerary a few days before your trip and all your league has to do is show up!


Los Angeles Angels, Destination Draft, 2017, Seattle, WA


2. Save Money

Speaks for itself. Take advantage of our teams’ deals and discounts at most hotels and venues. We receive discounts 99% of the time over the public & booking direct! If that isn’t a reason enough, I don’t know what is!


Destination Draft, 2018, Hard Rock Stadium, Miami, FL

3. Create A New Tradition

As the years go by, it becomes harder and harder to ‘get the guys together’. People move and eventually, bachelor parties and weddings come to end. Babies are born and people become busy. Enter Destination Draft.  Mark off one weekend a year for the league to get together in a city your choice with an entire weekend customized to your wants & needs. Read our entire story and see how your league can relate: 


Destination Draft, 2017, Encore Beach Club, Las Vegas, NV

4. Experience More! 

Quit drafting at home, on your computer. Get out. Have some drinks, play some golf, gamble, hit the pool and grab a steak dinner! Give yourself the weekend you dream about, every summer!


Destination Draft, 2019, Harrahs Casino, Kansas City, MO

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